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Military & Defense


The military industry requirements for weapon-based springs demand ultra-high resistance against fatigue or breakage. Compliance with the necessary weaponry safety regulations frequently requires manufacture from special twisted wires and rods to achieve maximum lifespan and durability. Examples of weaponry applications using Nordia's springs are magazines for automatic light weapons such as rifles and revolvers, return springs, trigger assemblies, safety catches, ammunition chain links (M13 and M27) and components for hand grenades including pins and pin rings.


Aircraft Industries

Extended use of 17-7-PH metal, a specialist form of stainless steel, which can stand up to extremes of temperature and stress. Some of the springs in this industry are manufactured with a special square-section variant of 17-7-PH. Amongst the advanced applications using our springs are landing gear, hydraulic systems, shock absorption and apparatus to bring pilotless aircraft to a standstill after landing  See also our Catalogue and Customers.


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