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The Automotive Industry is involved in almost every aspect of cars and trucks, from designing, engineering, manufacturing, till marketing, selling, etc.

Nordia is involved mainly in the production of many types of springs (more than 250 different articles), but frequently also in the designing and developing phase, in cooperation with the customer's engineers.

The springs of Nordia are assembled in the cars of any Western Company, like Porsche, Daimler-Benz, Iveco, PSA, including racing cars and many others.

Nordia sells its products to OEM companies and for TIR 1 manufacturers as well.



 Magna Auteca



Assemblies and systems where our springs are mounted:


Brakes Seats 
Clutches Air-conditioning
Valves Doors
Engine valves Hoods/covers 
Actuators  Hand brakes
Hydraulic shock absorbers  Antennas
Mirrors Panels
Pumps  Exhausts
Lightning     Transmission
Sensors Ash trays 
Air/oil filters Oil tanks
Pedals Radiators



Quality: Inspection / validation:

  • ISO TS 16949 for the Automotive and AS 9100 for the Aircraft   Industry
  • In-process and final inspection according to Mil Standards
  • Close tolerances for loads down to ± 2% !
  • In-house validation for durability/fatigue
  • External laboratories for residual stress by x-rays, cracks, chemical analysis


Surface treatment:

  • Shot-peening; modern types of coating, according to "Rosh rules" ("no Cr 6) according to GM Opel and VW, standards, among other.

Design / Developing:   

  • Updated sophisticated IST programs for designing of non-standard compression spring, including variable wire size, rectangular section, bi-conical spring, etc.
  • Huge experience and accumulated know-how for developing of prototypes.

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